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... German army parka (field jacket) in flecktarn. Ideally suited to go over the basic shirt/trousers uniform as an extra layer for night time, spring, autumn and winter. Made of heavyweight poly-cotton material, similar to the ...Tell me More...
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... The latest specially developed desert camouflage (Wuestentarn), only issued to special operational units of the German Army in the enhanced field use uniforms instead of standard cut uniforms. This is the genuine issue KSK ...Tell me More...

... The new German Army issue flecktarn KSK smock, ripstop, is a highly advanced jacket with a wealth of features to enhance performance in the field. Developed for use by special forces, deep infiltration ops and professional ...Tell me More...
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... A top piece of kit with full array of features, the KSK assault jacket from MilTec is a best seller in every way. The jacket features fully lined, wired hood with drawstring; bulgy chest and waist pockets on front closed with ...Tell me More...
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