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Desert Flecktarn Wuestentarn KSK Trousers

The latest specially developed desert camouflage (Wuestentarn), only issued to special operational units of the German Army in the enhanced field use uniforms instead of standard cut uniforms. This is the genuine issue KSK smock, only from the military contract manufacturer, with the following features: lighter weight tropical fabric; two hip pockets; seat reinforcement; one button down rear pocket; and two large bulgy pockets, one on each leg. Each large bulgy pocket is buttoned down with two slotted buttons. Tough plastic d-rings are provided on the belt loop left and right for attachment of carabiners or small utilities. The knees open to allow insertion of padding (provided) for comfort. Ankle hem is provided with a drawstring, but also a secondary baffle on an elastic which helps to keep out insects and foreign matter.and hem secured with adjustable toggles; quick dry 65% cotton 35% polyester fabric blend. Extra layers are kept to a minimum to prevent buildup of heat and weight. Latest original German Army field camouflage with colouration adapted to desert and urban (concrete and clay tile) settings.

Available options are: S , M , L , XL .

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Rear view of trousers showing the seat reinforcement, back pocket, belt loops and leg straps which help to reduce flapping of the trouser legs during movement.

large image no2

Side view of trousers showing the D-ring on the belt loop, full view of the large cargo pocket which is secured with two slotted buttons. Also present is the knee reinforcement which comes pre-fitted with foam padding which can be taken out and replaced if necessary. This foam padding has stretched the lower leg lengthways on the picture suggesting a thinner lower leg than the trousers actually have. Also at the bottom is the two-layered ankle hem which helps to prevent dust, dirt and insects from coming up from the bottom.

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